After the Consultation...

​So what happens after the consultation​...

Just like they say on airplanes, put your own oxygen mask on first, then help others….

Normally, when you try to get on top of things in your life, it works for a little while and then eventually you can fall back into old patterns of putting yourself last on the list and letting everything and everyone else take the priority. This time will be different. When you take care of yourself first, taking care of everything else is so much simpler.


In this coaching program, we’ll start right where you are and customize action steps that fit YOU, your family, your time constraints, your preferences, your career and your personal life that help you get control over things. Together we’ll create your tools to keep it that way.


The program consists of eight 50-minute sessions over 3 months. I'll use that time to show you how to navigate the food, life and exercise “stuff” that can throw your anxiety level off track. Learn how to make good, holistic choices to remove mental clutter and the sense of overwhelm.  Really start enjoying your family, your work, your relationships, and your life. This is a training program for feeling and being your best.


While in-person sessions are preferred, phone sessions make it convenient to call from work, home or if we are geographically challenged. 


During your sessions, we’ll discuss what’s working, what’s not, your action steps and I’ll provide the tools needed to help you remove old habits and replace them with new choices that create the anxiety-free life that you desire.


“Sometimes I just don’t want to be in charge”… ever crave having someone else help you make the decisions and share the everyday load, what to eat, how much to exercise, ease your stress level? That is what I offer to my clients. Coaching is an extremely powerful tool when you feel like you are alone at the top, making all the decisions for everyone and leaving no time to think about what it is YOU want or need.


Anxiety is different for everyone. The program is customized for you. It is designed by the consultation and your specific needs and goals. I will give you the boost you need to stay accountable to yourself and those goals. This is YOUR program, built just for you.​

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Change the course of your health to fully experience life!

Break Free From Every Day Anxiety