My Approach

My Approach

Who gets the best results from my personalized, one-on-one guidance, mentoring and advice?

A busy, professional who wants be successful at work, manage an excellent home life for their family and find a balance for both without feeling like they are just treading water. 

Most of my clients are parents with a business or in a leadership position at work. There’s something about this level of commitment to their work, combined with having a busy family life, that seems to create a very real sense of urgency to resolve the impact of anxiety in their mind, body and spirit and how it plays out in their life.

I do my best work with individuals who embody the following characteristics:

  • You're a seeker, learner and is someone who likes to have the answers. You find it frustrating to have tried so many things and nothing really works long term.  

  • You value feeling in control. And for that reason, you're not thrilled with the idea of becoming reliant on anti-anxiety meds for the rest of your life. There’s got to be a better solution!

  • You're willing to ask for help, but on your own terms. You don’t take advice from just anyone.

  • You're a leader at work, so being your best is the ONLY option.

  • You want someone to lean on, to trust, on your own terms, to advise you and help you.

Here’s my approach to getting handle on that everyday anxiety that causes things like lack of sleep, low energy, an unpredictable temperament and even things like stagnant weight and chronic acne.

During our work together, we’ll cover topics like… 

Good Food!

Choosing Foods that You Love and That Love You Back: Together, we’ll figure out the foods that work best for YOU, identify your anxiety triggers and how to keep your body and anxiety levels in balance. (Yes! There are certain foods that make you MORE or LESS anxious.)


Good Sleep!

Creating Rejuvenating Sleep Habits: We’ll talk all things sleep to help you feel fully rested, peaceful and ready to handle whatever comes your way – WITHOUT all that anxiety. 


Good Health!

Taking Charge of Your Health: Sometimes simple, affordable, holistic solutions can make a big difference, as well as some Do-It-Yourself strategies. I’ll help you own your health, what I lovingly call “healthy care” of yourself. 


Good Mindset!

Releasing Stress at Work and at Home: Sure, we ALL have it. But how you RESPOND is what makes or breaks your wellness goals and can either calm your body or create anxiety. I’ll show you how to safely and naturally reduce your stress, for good. And equally important, how to transform your perspective on the stress in your life that you have no control over and cannot change.   


Good Fitness!

Reawakening Your Immune System by Becoming Physically Active: Not all exercise plans are helpful or rejuvenating, especially if you’re always on the verge of exhaustion from everyday anxiety. It’s NOT all about joining a boot camp or a gym. It all depends on where you are in your life, your preferences, your body type, and what YOU need now. All exercise counts and it should all be enjoyable.  

These are the exact steps my clients and I have taken to eliminate our anxiety and become amazingly present in our lives. Read what my clients have to say about working with me.

Liz Curran

Break Free from Everyday Anxiety 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) focusing in Nutrition and Anxiety

Certified Radical Remission Workshop Instructor and Health Coach 215.760.6672       

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