What’s a CSA, you ask?


CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture. It has become a popular way for us non-farmers of the world to buy local, seasonal and even organic fruits and veggies directly from a farm right in our area.


Most CSAs sell a specific number of member “shares” to the general public. The shares include a box of seasonal fruits and vegetables grown on their farm. Members can pick up their share weekly at a designated local drop off location or at the farm directly throughout the farming season, usually May through September here in the northeast.

In thanks for supporting the farm, members get amazingly fresh fruits and vegetables at their peak of deliciousness every week. In my past memberships, the farmers have welcomed us to visit, get a tour of the fields, enjoy “pick-your-own” events for things like strawberries or pumpkins, and enjoy their on-site farmer’s market – my kids love this stuff!


My first CSA exposed me to so many new fruits and vegetables that I never would have bought at the store. With the help of my Pinterest recipes, I have added a ton of new foods to my family’s menu.


By including homemade, colorful fruit salads and grilled summer vegetables to our dinner plate when they are in season, we can crowd out the usual easy go-to side dishes like boxed rice and pasta. Starting with these little changes, we can begin to reap the benefits of feeling energized and clear-headed instead of stressed out and exhausted. (And they taste amazing when they are so perfectly fresh!)

To get an idea of the types of items included in a typical weekly share during the season, click here

A.T. Buzby Farm CSA.


To locate a CSA near you, Local Harvest is a great resource that has an extensive database of local CSAs, Farmer’s Markets and Food and Farm Events. 

Check out Local Harvest at www.localharvest.org

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Eating Farm Fresh

Eating fresh nutrient-dense foods has a strong, calming effect on our bodies. When trying to get a handle on everyday anxiety, one of the first changes we can make is to start swapping out processed foods that are harder to digest, with delicious whole foods that our bodies crave. Packaged and boxed up foods hide a long list of mysterious ingredients that our bodies don’t naturally recognize and they may be secretly stirring up those anxious feelings.

Spring is a wonderful time for new beginnings.  I pack up the winter coats as the weather begins to warm, my veggie garden shows signs of life, flowers are blooming everywhere and my local CSA begins!!

Change the course of your health to fully experience life!

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