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Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest is a produce delivery company that is on a mission to end food waste and hunger. They work with farmers and wholesalers to recover their "ugly" or surplus produce, assemble it into curated boxes, and deliver it to their subscribers' homes every week at a discounted price. 


For every box they deliver in the Philadelphia area, they donate to local hunger-solving organizations, like Philabundance.

Through my partnership with Hungry Harvest, you can get boxes of impactful & affordable produce delivered directly to your home every week!


Harvests start at just $15 (image on left) and you're able to customize your box and add pantry staples from their Add-On Market.


To sign up, visit hungryharvest.net/lizcurranhealth and make sure to use the code LIZCURRANHEALTH to get 30% off of your first harvest!

Liz Curran

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