Personal Letter From Liz

Hey There!  


If you’re a parent with your own business, or a leader in your organization, and it seems that your everyday is filled with anxieties from work, family and more, and you’re SO fed up at not ever finding a REAL solution…. then you may be in the right place.


Do these situations sound familiar…


  • Are you smart, seemingly capable of juggling a 1000 things, look like you have it together, but deep down you’re quietly overwhelmed and secretly anxious?

  • Have you tried different things like vitamins, books, discussion groups, or even asked your doctor about your anxiety, and you were told “oh, you’re fine” or “that’s normal”?

  • Are you finding yourself snapping at loved ones and (yikes!) maybe even your staff, more than you care to admit?

Whatever you’ve tried, while it may have helped a little bit, the real problem is this: your anxious feelings never seem to go away. And what’s worse… you know this is probably behind your weight challenges, your energy level, and overall temperament.

So, how’d you get here?


Funny thing about everyday anxiety, it only escalates when you try to ignore it. Whether you have a little that builds slowly and finally comes to a head, or, you’re like me and have highs and lows.


My husband would often joke that my moods would bounce from 0 to 60 in a moment’s notice. And I didn’t even think I had much anxiety! (That’s the thing, most people seem to think this stuff is “just how it is.” I promise you, it’s not.)


It’s not your fault! Hear me out…


I bet you’ve been trained to put everyone else front and center. What parent hasn’t?


And now you’re so capable that it’s become the norm to take on even more and ‘just keep swimming’. It’s almost like you can’t stop yourself!

And if that’s not enough, add on the current political climate, a family life, a relationship, and a demanding career. Let’s face it, you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for building up everyday anxiety.


And then that everyday anxiety shows up in your body too - the lack of sleep, mental clutter, forgetfulness, and if it’s bad enough, physical exhaustion, heaviness in your chest, nausea, feeling on edge and out of control.

If you don’t want to live on anti-anxiety meds and you’re serious about getting this handled, there is a better way.  

I’m happy to share what it’s like on the other side.

I am a mom of three, wife, “professional” volunteer and solopreneur. I, too, was used to helping everyone else and ignoring my own needs. One day I finally realized that putting everyone else first was at the expense of my family’s peace and happiness, my health and my own professional success.

I’ve gone from a fast-paced approach to life, to a calmer, more mindful attitude where I can still accomplish “it all” without all the anxiety building up. In my practice, I help people learn how to break free from their everyday anxiety too.


Wouldn’t it be nice to lean on someone else for a change? Let me help you stay accountable to yourself and your priorities. If you are looking for a coach who doesn’t take life too seriously, understands that anxiety can be hard to solve alone, and you want to have fun and laugh again, I would LOVE to chat with you to see if we would be a good fit.

Click here to schedule a Break Free from Everyday Anxiety coaching consultation and let’s see if I can help.




I look forward to chatting with you!


Liz Curran

Break Free from Everyday Anxiety 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) focusing in Nutrition and Anxiety

Certified Radical Remission Workshop Instructor and Health Coach 215.760.6672       

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