"I started seeing Liz so she could help me find “good” food as I trained for the NYC marathon. I have always had a focus on fitness and health.  I just never had a great grasp on what “trendy” diet was right for me.  While working with Liz, I gained so much more than just what to eat before I run. Our time together expanded beyond me finishing another race.  She gave me

the information and knowledge to understand what I eat, where it comes from and how it can help me with my goals.  

I would recommend Liz to the corporate exec, tri-athletes or to anyone who ever feels a little overwhelmed.  Really, anyone who is looking to gain better understanding of how nutrition affects everything we do."

- Lauren, 35-year old, married, pharmaceutical sales representative 

"Like a lot of people, I have chronic anxiety that is triggered by certain events (for example flying). By cutting out certain foods in my diet, adding in meditation, and committing to a steady amount of exercise, I have been able to face those triggers without the debilitating effects of anxiety.  Liz is passionate, knowledgeable, and nonjudgmental in her approach. Somehow she managed to provide me with the necessary nutrition information without making me feel guilty or judged in any way. Along with Liz’s accountability, it was up to me to navigate what worked and what didn’t. I was always in the driver’s seat and it empowered me to be successful after I completed my program. ”


Natalie, 40-year old, designer and mother of 2 

"Before hiring Liz, I felt all over the place in my health goals. I felt like I was getting older and struggling more and more with my weight, sleep, making time to exercise and eat right and I desperately wanted to quit smoking. I didn’t know where to start, it was too overwhelming and all of this made me feel so anxious!

"By the end of working with her in four short months, I’ve quit smoking, I now exercise regularly and I feel so much more positive and confident about taking on challenges and dealing with occasional slip ups (like forgetting to eat lunch and then eating a chocolate bar instead!)

Best of all, I got so much more than I could have imagined. I just didn’t know this kind of warm, caring and nonjudgmental guidance was even available! No matter what came up during my journey, I felt comfortable laying it out for Liz. These days I’m no longer so hard on myself or let the negative self-talk take over. While I was nervous at first to make these changes, I haven’t had one person say they liked the “old Jen” better and in fact, my social circle seems to have increased with like-minded friends on a health journey too. I can hardly believe it but life has become fun instead of a burden.
 If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you work with Liz."


- Jenn S, 42-year old, Bankruptcy Specialist, single mom of 4

"Thanks to Liz for helping me see myself in a whole new way.  With her help and guidance, I’ve broken through a major emotional barrier and can say and believe things about myself like:  “I like myself”, “I’m worthy of the best for me”, “I’m directly connected to God throughout my day”.  I’ve cleared out a major amount of emotional baggage that I was carrying around that was holding me back.  Now, I can see wonderful possibilities for myself very clearly.  Thanks Liz!!!"

- Dan C, 55-year old, IT Executive, single dad of 4

Recommendations for Liz's Sleep Workshops

I loved Liz's spirit and program flow, wonderful content, generous sharing of information. I learned so much from her program.”

"Liz was very upbeat and informative, easy to follow, and provided good information."

“Well done presentation with simple and clear ways of countering any issues regarding sleep, stress, anxiety. A really enjoyable program.”

"I liked learning about additional steps to take to enhance sleep, essential oils and deep breathing. It was very informative."

"Great presentation with lecture, visuals and hands-on materials."

"I liked the guide to help you know your body and other information for sleep."

"Very positive and comprehensive program."

"Liz was excellent. Her information was extremely useful and

the 1 1/2 hours flew by."

If these testimonials resonate with you, click here to apply for a coaching consultation.

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Certified Radical Remission Workshop Instructor and Health Coach

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