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Initial Coaching Consultation

Whether you are in a cancer experience, living with chronic illness, or seeking illness prevention, in this session you will discuss challenges you are facing in your health and what you’d like to be different.

Radical Remission Health Coaching

After the consultation, this one-on-one coaching session allows you to focus more deeply on each of the Radical Remission healing factors. Set your own goals, at your own pace to realize the immune-boosting benefits to aid your healing with the accountability of a certified coach.

Radical Remission Coaching Intensive

Spend one month to immerse yourself into a deep dive of the Radical Remission healing factors, including personalized meditation recordings and customized nutrition enhancement. Through activity, reflection, and goal setting, privately meet with Liz three times a week to create and implement your roadmap to health. 

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Upcoming Events with the Health Navigators

In 2020, Liz and fellow Radical Remission health coach, Karla Mans Giroux, established The Health Navigators, to provide a community approach to their group events. 

 Together they present Radical Remission workshops, offers group coaching, and promotes social support and community with the Stories that Heal book club and other healing gatherings

For information about upcoming offerings and events, please navigate your way to health here


Client Testimonials

Coach Liz Curran has provided tremendous guidance and support in my wellness journey using the methodology behind Radical Remission. If you too have a chronic illness and are committed to living your best life, you will appreciate Liz too!


I have chronic anxiety, but by cutting out certain foods in my diet, adding in meditation, and committing to a steady amount of exercise, I have been able to face those triggers without the debilitating effects of anxiety.  

Liz is passionate, knowledgeable, and non-judgmental in her approach. I was always in the driver’s seat and it empowered me to be successful after I completed my program.


I read the book over and over, but this workshop was very exhilarating!!! I only thought about the (healing) factors on a general level. Through this (program) I thought about strategies for change that I believe will be powerful and effective.

Workshop Testimonial


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